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Project Information

Project objectives

The Republic of Kazakhstan received a loan of USD 36 million on IBRD terms from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) to finance the Justice Sector Institutional Strengthening Project (the Project), the cost of which amounts to USD 59.9 million. The Project is implemented by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MOJ RK).

The Project provides institutional assistance to state authorities providing a wide range of services in the justice sector including registration services, legal aid, access to courts, enforcement of court orders, penal practice, rehabilitation of former offenders, and increase of professionalism of public officers.

The Project development objective is to:

  • strengthen the institutional capacity of selected agencies for effective implementation of selected laws;
  • improve the efficiency, transparency of, and access to selected public services in the justice sector.

Project Components

The Project consists of four components selected to achieve Project objectives:

  • Component А — strengthening the implementation of key elements of the legal and institutional framework. This component seeks to reduce the state intrusion in the functioning of Kazakhstan’s private sector, enable self-regulation of professional bodies and introduce modern, transparent dispute resolution systems.
  • Component B — improving MOJ service quality and responsiveness, as well as support in the development of the strategy of assisting socio-economic reintegration of former offenders and improvement of interconnectivity with courts and other state authorities for more effective case processing.
  • Component С — strengthening judicial efficiency and professionalism including support of efforts by selected high-volume courts and Supreme Court aimed to improve operational efficiency; strengthening the institutional capacity of the Supreme Court to carry out its administrative and management functions vis-à-vis the lower courts.
  • Component D — Project Implementation, Coordination and Fellowships.

Project Participants

The Project participants are the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Ministry of Justice acts as Project administrator.

Project Administrator

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan as Project administrator is responsible for budgeting, management and implementation of the Project, as well as for the control, monitoring and preparation of reporting on Project deliverables and impacts. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan engages consultants for sharing skills and increasing the Project’s implementation efficiency.

Project Implementation Support Group

For rendering assistance to the Ministry of Justice, PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory has been selected as the Implementation Support Group (ISG). The target of the ISG is to support the Ministry of Justice on such issues as general Project management, procurement and financial management.

The ISG is composed of experienced experts rendering assistance to Project participants on the development of initiatives, as well as consultants experienced in project management, procurement management, and finances.

Current Progress of Project Implementation

Currently, the Project is actively implemented, and in particular, work is performed on the development and implementation of initiatives, which help to both achieve strategic objectives and improve operating activities of Project participants.

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is reaching the goals of the Project through the optimisation of information and communication technologies and strengthening of forensic capacity.

Currently, work on strengthening forensic capacity is carried out by a consortium composed of leading international and local universities and consulting companies. The consultant’s task includes the expansion of the legal and institutional base, legal capacity activities, and forensic capacity provided and regulated by state, strengthening of professional skills and capabilities of specialists, etc.

Supreme Court

Supported by the World Bank, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan is engaged in increasing the efficiency of pilot court activities, arranging training for the Justice Academy under the Supreme Court and strengthening information and communication technologies of the Supreme Court to automate processes.

With support from the World Bank, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized international exchanges of experience, including trips to countries with best practices on the work of courts and professional training of representatives of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A set of workshops for the judges of Supreme Court and other courts have been organized on such topics as rehabilitation of criminal offenders, bankruptcy of legal entities, and tax legislation.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Within the Project, the Penal System Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs jointly with the Ministry of Justice and the ISG, are planning an initiative to improve probation activities of former offenders. An international consultant has been engaged to perform an expert assessment and give recommendations on the law named “On Probation” as well as the strategy of social rehabilitation of citizens.

General Prosecutor’s Office

The General Prosecutor’s Office is working on initiatives relating to ensuring the safety of citizens and prevention of offences, training and professional development of employees as well as process automation. Currently, preparations for the selection of local and international companies to aid in the implementation of initiatives are ongoing.