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"There was a reporting meeting of Minister of justice Marat Beketayev with population"

Today there was a reporting meeting of Minister of justice Marat Beketayev in the building of "Kazmedia center" with the population connected to the regions through videoconferencing.

Citizens, representatives of non-governmental organizations and business community attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Marat Beketayev told about the activities of Ministry and further plans of the department.

According to the report of Minister in recent years, a number of measures have been taken in such areas of activity: as formation of national legislation, organization of legal services, formation and implementation of state policy in the sphere of organization of security and protection of intellectual property rights, provision of enforcement proceedings, organization of judicial expert activity.

Minister changed the traditional format of reporting meetings by offering the population to ask questions after each block of his speech, that were three.

M. Beketayev answered questions of attendants at the meeting of citizens, residents of other regions of the country by means of videoconferencing, as well as answered questions that came to the website of ministry.

Minister of justice devoted the first part of his report to rulemaking and activities of ministry for the protection of the interests of state abroad.

Minister of justice noted that the plan of legislative works for 2016 has been fully implemented. The Parliament received 18 bills.

Under the instruction of the President and the Government, 13 unscheduled bills were drafted and submitted to the Parliament last year. 7 bills were drafted under the deputies' initiative.


In addition to preparing the bills, Ministry of justice conducted a legal expertise of all normative legal acts. It is worth noting that citizens could familiarize with the contents of this or that NLA on the portal "Open NLAs" and make their suggestions. Ministry of justice is committed to transparency of legislative activity and maximum openness to the public.

Minister of justice also said that since October of last year the meetings of Interdepartmental commission on the issues of legislative activity are being held with participation of the media. And there is a live broadcast of the meetings on the website of the department since April of this year. The rapporteurs answer questions from journalists after the speech to the members of IDC.

In addition, Ministry of justice ensures continuous free access of the population to the texts of laws and other documents through "Standard bank of NLA" and "Adilet" ILS.

Further, Minister told about the work of ministry outside the country. Ministry is entrusted with a difficult task to protect the interests of the state in international arbitration and foreign courts.

For example, last year the High Court of Justice in London decided in favor of Republic of Kazakhstan, rejecting the lawsuit of Mongolian company in the amount of 22 billion 600 million tenge", Marat Beketayev noted and gave other data on arbitration.

Thus, the Supreme Court of Turkish Republic left the appeals suit of a Turkish citizen to the amount of 3 billion 300 million tenge without satisfaction.

On March 8 of this year, the High Court of Justice of London made a decision in favor of Republic of Kazakhstan in the judicial process on the petition of “Rubi Rose Agricol” LLP to annul the arbitral decision from August 1, 2013.

This arbitration decision dismissed the suit against Republic of Kazakhstan with the amount of suit requirements over 214 million US dollars.

In addition, an important aspect of work in this direction is to prevent possible disputes in the future. Our employees actively participate in negotiations on discussion of the terms of subsoil use contracts, on investment agreements in various socially important areas.

In general, for the past 13 years, Ministry of justice has ensured the protection of interests of Republic in arbitration and foreign courts for a total of 17 billion 400 million US dollars, Minister of justice informed.

The second part of the report of head of the department was devoted to the implementation of Constitutional reform, as well as to the reforms carried out by Ministry of justice.

Along with this bill, Ministry of justice has prepared a number of amendments and additions to Code of Administrative offenses of RK, which are aimed at humanizing the legislation and significantly reducing fines.

"At the same time, Ministry continues to take measures aimed at improving the protection of rights intellectual property objects", Marat Beketayev announced.

Ministry of justice drafted and submitted to the Parliament a bill that presupposes the introduction of a simplified single-level registration system. The powers of registration will be transferred to “National institute of intellectual property”. Along with this, there is an empowerment of pre-trial consideration of registration disputes.

"Next year, we plan to move on to a complex but necessary reform of the institutions of advocacy and notary.

Ministry of justice considers that one of the main problems is the deficit of lawyers. The department plans a phased solution to this problem.

The third part of the report was devoted to the work done within the framework of already adopted laws aimed at reforming the judicial execution of production and judicial expertise.

"Since the introduction of institution of private judicial executors, more than 4,500 licenses have been issued.

As a result of the taken measures, judicial executors work throughout the territory of republic, up to the district level.

"One of the difficulties faced by citizens was the inability to travel outside the country because of the debt. Often the reason could be that they themselves did not know about it. To solve this problem, Ministry together with "Kazpost" JSC is working on the introduction of payment terminals for the immediate take off the ban on departure. Such terminals have already been installed in four cities of Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, Shymkent) and are working in a test mode. Within a year they will be launched in all airports of the country", minister of justice informed during the speech.

In addition, Ministry of justice makes significant efforts to improve efficiency, as well as to develop judicial expert activity.

Private judicial experts should reduce the burden on state, and also contribute to improving the quality of expertises.

At the same time, Minister noted a number of problems in this area. As one of them, it is possible to indicate the material and technical and sanitary-hygienic condition of the buildings and premises of judicial medical service that do not meet normative requirements.

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