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PRESS RELEASE On the improvement and humanization of legislation on administrative offenses

The draft Law is aimed at humanization and improvement of administrative and delicate legislation by:
- expansion of the institute of prevention, as well as reduction of the sizes of sanctions and the spread of the institution, which allows reducing the size of fine when paying in a seven-day period by 50%;
- improvement of separate institutes of production in cases of administrative offenses;
- systematization of procedural norms of the CoAO, consisting in the regulation by separate chapters of the CoAO of procedures for appealing and reviewing cases on administrative offenses by a higher state body (official) and the court of law (first, appellate, cassational).   
61% of the amendments of the draft law are aimed at reducing the fine by 158 formations, expanding the institute for warning by 31 formations, reviewing the types of penalties in favor of humanization by 150 formations.
Within the framework of the consideration of the draft law by Mazhylis of the Parliament, the deputies of the lower Chamber have made changes, a number of amendments have been moved to other draft laws providing for changes to the same composition of the CoAO. It was also proposed to restore the institution of liberation from administrative responsibility in insignificance offense.
The main law enforcement agencies of the CoAO are 64 authorized state bodies that implement policies in specific areas of state regulation. The decision on each amendment was made in close cooperation with state bodies, taking into account their positions and proposals.
Ministry of Justice, with the participation of representatives of state bodies and non-governmental organizations, held more than 100 meetings of the working group, where more than 1,200 amendments to the CoAO were considered, 472 of which were adopted.
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