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Ministry of Justice: Dozens of violations in the protection of constitutional rights of citizens are revealed in the regional board of lawyers in Aktobe

In October-November 2017, on the application of the Ministry of Justice of the RK, the court deprived the license of three lawyers of Aktobe regional board of lawyers - G.Akbarov, A.Albakasov, Sh.Ilyasov for violations of the legislation on state-guaranteed legal assistance. Ex-lawyers received duplicate payment from state budget funds, carried out by justice bodies on the basis of falsified applications applied by lawyers for rendering legal assistance.

As a result, more than ten suspects were deprived of the opportunity to obtain a quality state-guaranteed legal assistance and were left without proper protection.   

Also, justice bodies defined gross violations of 15 lawyers in paying remuneration on criminal cases before the courts. They are brought to disciplinary responsibility. They submitted a petition to the court to return budget funds.

These systematic violations were committed because of the lack of proper control over the implementation of the Law on state-guaranteed legal assistance by the Chairman of Aktobe regional board of lawyers Raisa Yakubenko. The Chairman of the board received reports of lawyers, compiled a register and sent applications for remuneration of lawyers.

In this regard, the department applied a statement of claim to the judicial bodies on the termination of the license of Raisa Yakubenko.    


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