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Information message for the media

To protect the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan in foreign courts, the best and internationally recognized lawyers are involved. The case of freezing the funds of the Republic of Kazakhstan abroad is a priority for the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For today, the Ministry of Justice has provided the media with all possible information about the case you are interested in. Additional comments may lead to negative consequences for the country. Therefore, the Ministry will not comment on the prospects of defrosting or other aspects of the case. This can be used by the other side against the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan and be regarded as pressure on the court.

It should be noted that the plaintiff on the case - A. Stati, chose as his tactic the creation of an agiotage and a scandalous information background inside our country. Information stove-piping is only aggressive propaganda, not objective information.

Would like to note that some unverified materials of a number of news agencies and publications, unintentionally support the tactic of plaintiffs and work against the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of Justice again wants to assure the public that the arrest is a temporary measure and does not restrict the right to receive dividends and rewards. The Republic has the right and will use all possibilities to recover the damage caused by the unlawful arrest of assets. In any case, the risks of the Republic are limited to the sum of the arbitration decision. At present, no money has been paid to the plaintiffs.