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Actual issues of regulation of the legal profession were discussed

Today in the "Rixos" hotel, an international conference was held on the topic: "Actual problems of regulation of the legal profession in the Republic of Kazakhstan". Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court together with the Commercial Bar Association of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan Bar Association” organized the event.
Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Talgat Donakov, Chairman of the Supreme Court Kairat Mami, representatives of state agencies, international organizations, NGAs, human rights institutions, as well as foreign experts and law scholars took part in the work of forum.
The purpose of the conference is to discuss bills "On advocacy and legal assistance" and "On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts on the issues of advocacy and legal assistance" prepared by Ministry of Justice.
Moderator of the event was Minister of Justice Marat Beketayev. Chairman of the Supreme Court Kairat Mami and Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Talgat Donakov spoke with a welcoming speech.
K. Mami in his speech noted that over the past several years, large reforms in the field of law have been carried out in the republic. The work of the courts has been cardinally improved. Justice has become more operative and accessible to the population. On the instructions of the Head of state, a major modernization of the criminal procedural law was started, providing including strengthening the competitiveness principle and expanding the rights of lawyers. "All this together is oriented for the improvement of work of legal state to ensure the rule of law in accordance with the best international standards," emphasized Chairman of the Supreme Court.
Further, K. Mami said that in the context of ongoing reforms, the issue of reforming the institution of representation in the courts and advocacy is especially actual. "Attorneys and lawyers should really meet the expectations of the population and provide effective protection in the legal field of legitimate interests and citizens' rights," he noted.
A number of problems that needed to be solved were identified. In particular, the sphere of legal services and assistance is still not transparent and is not widely understood for the wide segments of the population, there is no specialization of lawyers. With high fees, there are no legislative guarantees for the quality of the work performed. The difference in the professional training of lawyers is felt, especially in the regions.
Concluding his speech, Chairman of the Supreme Court expressed his confidence that conducting conference will help to remove all the existing misunderstandings of the essence of the forthcoming reforms in the society.
During the conference, speeches of member of the Association of lawyers and the Solicitor of England and Wales Anna Buch, deputy chairman of the Council of bar associations and law societies of the European Union (ССВЕ), expert of joint program of the European Union and Council of Europe Ritis Jokubauskas were held. In addition, a senior adviser of the Committee on legal cooperation, an expert of joint program of the European Union and the Council of Europe Oleksandra Sytnik spoke with a report in front of participants. These speakers spoke about the organization of work of advocacy abroad, including the regulation of advocacy in the UK, as well as European experience in providing free legal assistance.
Further director of Department of registration service and organization of legal services of MJ of the RK Baktygul Atagazieva, chairman of the Republican bar association Anuar Tugel, acting chairman of “Kazakhstan union of lawyers” RSA Serik Akylbai, president of Kazakhstan association of lawyers of the oil and gas industry Zhumageldy Elyubaev, chairman of the Governing Council of the bar of commercial lawyers “Kazbar” Aigul Kenzhebaeva and others spoke on the program.
During the event, a lively and constructive dialogue was held on all issues outlined in the program. Based on the results of the conference, relevant recommendations were developed to be taken into account in further work on draft laws.
Press office of Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court