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Cabinet sides of the enforcement proceedings

For Individuals and legal entities!
Cabinet sides of the enforcement proceedings of the automated information system of enforcement proceedings
According to Article 16 of the Law of the RK «On Enforcement Proceedings and the Status of Enforcement Agents» the parties ofenforcement proceedings have the following rights: to get acquainted with the materials of enforcement proceedings, including in e-form; make extracts, and copy; to provide additional materials; to submit petitions; to participate in executing of enforcement actions; to give feedback (oral and written) during the process of enforcement actions; to give explanations and considerations in all issues arising during in the process of enforcement actions; to oppose the arguments and motions of other parties involved in enforcement proceedings; propose a disqualification; to appeal against actions (inaction) or decisions of the bailiff concerning the enforcement proceedings; to apply to the Court with an application for approval of a settlement agreement.
Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan developed and introduced into service the Cabinet sides of the enforcement proceedings (debtor, creditor) in the automated information system of enforcement proceedings (further – AIS EP).
In this Cabinet side the parties of the enforcement proceedings can acquaint with the process of execution of the enforcement proceedings, as well as view all procedural materials of enforcement proceedings. Furthermore, in the case of issues of execution of the court decision, the debtor or creditor enforcement proceedings may ask a bailiff online and, if necessary, attach the document as well as make purchase online existing debt through the payment gateway of "electronic government".
To register in the AIS EP individuals and legal entities must get an electronic digital signature of the individual or legal person in the near Center for Human Services, and to register online, go to.