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The law "On Arbitration" is aimed at:

  • strengthening of the current system of extra-judicial regulation of disputes;
  • creation of favorable conditions for effective activity of arbitration in accordance with international standards;
  • reducing the burden on the competent (public) courts.

What does the Law "On arbitration" for business:

  • reducing time and financial costs in the settlement of disputes;
  • providing a safety of trade secrets through closeness of arbitration process;
  • improving the status of arbitration decisions by excluding a possibility of cancellation of arbitration decisions based on legality.

Law “On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of improving civil, banking legislation and improving conditions of conducting entrepreneurial activity” developed by Ministry of Justice, is aimed at:

  • legislative regulation of new types of civil legal relations;
  • improving the institution of property rights protection.

What will the adoption of Law give for business:

  • freedom of forming structural subdivisions by the legal entities taking into account the needs of particular subject of entrepreneurship;
  • Provision of the right to act as a party that providing services in the public contract to individual entrepreneurs;
  • Introduction of the provision of the nullity of transactions to protect the participants of contractual relations from the possible legal red tape and simplifying procedures dealing with obvious offenses.

The draft law "On administrative procedures" is aimed at:


  • clear regulation of adoption by state bodies and other authorized persons of procedures of administrative decisions in regard to citizens and organizations;
  • holding a "hearing" procedure of persons towards which an administrative decision is adopted;
  • detailed regulation of the prejudicial method to appeal administrative decisions to the superior state authority or other;
  • protection of rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations in their interaction with government authorities and other authorized persons.


What will the adoption of the draft law give for business:

  • legal certainty for entrepreneurs by clear regulation of decisions adoption procedures within an administrative regulation;
  • the possibility of effective, fast, free appeal of violated rights and legitimate interests;
  • trust to the adopted administrative decisions.

The law "On Mediation" is aimed at:

  • introduction of the mediation institute as an effective way of disputes resolution;
  • optimization of material and organizational costs in regulating of the dispute.

What does the law "On Mediation" give for business:

  • saving business and personal relationships;
  • reducing conflict of negotiation process;
  • the adoption of a mutually beneficial solution in a short time;
  • the possibility of direct participation in the drafting of a mediation agreement.

The draft law "On amendments and additions to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on administrative Violations“ is aimed at:

  • reducing amount of administrative fines, including for offenses in the sphere of road traffic;
  • increasing the number of articles, the sanction of which will include an administrative penalty in the form of prevention;
  • the exclusion of type of administrative punishment such as forced demolition of erected buildings or buildings that had been erected illegally;
  • improving the procedure of appealing regulations on administrative offenses.

What will the adoption of the draft law give for business:

  • Legal entities and subjects of entrepreneurship will be allowed to pay 50% from the total amount of a fine in seven days period;
  • It will allow reducing the amount of administrative fine up to 30% from the total amount when determining mitigating circumstances.

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